Resources For Landlords

Under Rhode Island law all landlords of pre-1978 residential properties must:

  • Take the HRC 3 Hour Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar. Click here to take the seminar.
  • Bring their properties into lead safe compliance
  • Have their units inspected by a licensed Lead Inspector or Lead Inspector Technician.
  • Once the units have passed an inspection you will receive a Certificate of Conformance and report.
  • Give a copy of the report and certificate to your tenants and insurance company.

A Certificate of Conformance inspection can also be utilized by landlords to comply with:

  • Section 8 Housing
  • Navy Housing
  • Request for the lead liability rider on their homeowner’s insurance policy
  • An owner looking to receive the $1500 per unit RI Lead Reduction/Mitigation Tax Credit

As of April 22, 2010, the EPA has mandated that any do-it-yourself landlords or contractors who disturb more that 6 square feet of painted surface per room on the interior or more than 20 square feet of painted surface on the exterior of a dwelling in 30 day cycles must comply with the EPA RRP Rule.  This rule mandates that do-it-yourself landlords and contractors take an 8 hour lead paint course and get licensed. Failure to comply with this rule could cost you $37,500 in EPA finesClick here to take the course.


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