Who Can Work On My Property?

RRP Licensed Contractor: (8 hour class) – Any contractor working for compensation at a pre-1978 residential dwelling, daycare, public or private pre-school or kindergarten must comply with RI’s RRP Rule. This includes but is not limited to all general contractors, window installers, interior and exterior painters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC system installers, pipe fitters, flooring specialist, carpenters and do it yourself landlords.

Lead Hazard Abatement Contractor: (40 hour class) – Any contractor working on a residential property that has been cited for a lead poisoned child, is working on a HUD financed project or the owner has requested this level of training.

Rhode Island mandates that a clearance inspection be conducted at the completion of all interior and exterior projects by a RI licensed lead inspector/ technician.

Properties Exempt From the RRP Rule:

  • Homeowners working on their own single family residence.
  • Dwellings that possesses a Lead Free Certificate.
  • A contractor that is disturbing less than 6 square feet per room on the interior of a dwelling or less than 20 square feet on the exterior of a dwelling within 30 day increments and are not using any prohibitive practices. (Prohibited practices are actions such as demolition activities or using power tools without HEPA filtration.)
  • Window installation is never exempt.